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Silicone gel for scars

Support for scar healing after wound healing. Transparent, fast-drying preparation, is an effective method of preventing scarring.

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BLIZCARE® Silicone gel for scars 15g.


BLIZCARE® silicone gel for scars smoothes, reduces and makes the scar more elastic, makes it less visible.

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BLIZCARE® silicone gel for scars 15g. are a medical device intended to support the treatment of scars after the wound has healed. This transparent, fast-drying preparation is an effective method of preventing scarring.


Blizcare can be used on any scar regardless when it was caused and in what way. The gel is most preferably used up to two years after the wound closes. Blizcare supports normal scarring of keloids, hypertrophic scars, scars after plastic and surgical operations, burn scars, post-injury scars, scars after laser therapy, scars after cesarean cuts and scars from stretch marks. It can be used for adults and children regardless of age.

The gel is applied externally to the skin. It is advisable to wash and dry the application area before applying the gel. Spread the gel on the surface of the scar. In order to support the results, you can additionally perform a massage by rubbing the gel on the scar. Leave a thin layer of gel to dry. Excess gel can be removed with a tissue. It is recommended to use the gel twice a day. You can use cosmetics over the gel layer after it dries.

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